Call for Industry Track Presentations

Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies are bursting out of the research labs and gaining traction in the mainstream. The Industry track at ISWC2012 will provide a platform for key players in the field to share their insights and experience of using these technologies in the wild.

The goal of this track is to provide an opportunity for Semantic Web researchers to meet and hear from their end users, i.e., representatives of companies, institutions, or governmental bodies who use Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies in their everyday operations and products. Presenters of invited and submitted talks in this track will describe how Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies have delivered a competitive advantage in their own products, in their internal operations, or in the services they provide. They will also give feedback on where the current research and development results fail to provide for their needs, and where they see, based on their own practice, the need for further work.

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Applications of Semantic Web technologies in various industrial domains (automotive, financial, health care and life sciences, energy industry, etc.)
  • Applications of Semantic Web technologies in community and governmental services
  • Industrial trends related to the usage of Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies
  • Financial and strategic investments in Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies
Successful submissions to the track will likely emphasise:
  • real-world deployment experiences and strategic decision-making related to Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies
  • concrete lessons learned from these experiences
  • areas where further research (or research in novel directions) is required


We solicit submissions to the track in the form of 1-2 page (A4/Letter) abstracts in HTML or PDF format. Each abstract should describe the content of the proposed talk, which should be of a technical or strategic nature (i.e. marketing/promotional material will not be accepted).
Submissions should be made via the online submission system and will be reviewed by a panel of Semantic Web practitioners from industry and academia. Accepted submissions will be offered a presentation slot at the conference. At least one author of each accepted submission is expected to attend the conference and present the material outlined in the abstract. Presentation slots are expected to last 30 minutes, including questions.
Please note that metadata about all successful submissions will be included in the conference metadata corpus and made publicly available at Detailed information will be provided with the acceptance notification.

Important Dates

  • {CFP Published: 2nd April 2012}
  • Submissions due: 30th July 2012
  • Speaker notification: 20th August 2012

Contact Details

Questions about the track should be sent to iswc2012industry {at} tomheath {dot} com


  • Tim Berners-Lee, W3C
  • Tom Heath, Talis Systems Ltd
  • Ivan Herman, W3C

Review Panel (tentative list, to be confirmed)

  • TBA