Third International Workshop on Consuming Linked Data


The quantity of published Linked Data is increasing dramatically. However, applications that consume Linked Data are not yet widespread. Current approaches lack methods for seamless integration of Linked Data from multiple sources, dynamic discovery of available data and data sources, provenance and information quality assessment, application development environments, and appropriate end user interfaces. Addressing these issues requires well-founded research, including the development and investigation of concepts that can be applied in systems which consume Linked Data from the Web. Following the success of the 1st and the 2nd International Workshop on Consuming Linked Data, we organize the third edition of this workshop in order to provide a platform for discussion and work on these open research problems. The main objective is to provide a venue for scientific discourse — including systematic analysis and rigorous evaluation — of concepts, algorithms and approaches for consuming Linked Data.

Keynote Speakers

  • Bart van Leeuwen (Chief Architect/Owner at <> and Firefighter at Fire Department Amsterdam-Amstelland)
  • Evan Sandhaus (New York Times)