2nd Joint Workshop on Knowledge Evolution and Ontology Dynamics


EvoDyn 2012 continues the tradition of EvoDyn 2011 and the IWOD workshop series in being the core annual event to discuss advances in the broad area of ontology dynamics, and to track recent work directly or indirectly related to the problem of evolving knowledge. The workshop focuses on analysis of trends and change in formal descriptions, but also in associated raw sources of knowledge (scientific publications, unstructured or semi-structured Web content, traditional data stores, e-mail or on-line discussion threads, etc.). We are especially interested in research targeted on various states of knowledge evolution, such as (a) conflicts, (b) consolidation, (c) discovery, (d) paradigm shifts, and (e) breakthroughs. We would like to trigger a comprehensive and coherent approach to studying the process of knowledge evolution by bringing together researchers and practitioners from the following fields: (i) Data mining and knowledge discovery in dynamic resources; (ii) Ontology dynamics and versioning; (iii) Trend analysis (in multiple applications, including internet search, corpus evaluation, etc.); (iv) Natural Language Processing (evolution of terminology, language use, semantics); (v) Knowledge Representation (temporal ontologies, temporal logics, belief revision, etc.); (vi) Discourse Analysis and Philosophy of Science (the definition and understanding of what particular phases of the knowledge evolution are, and how can we delimit, identify or even trigger them).

Keynote Speaker

  • Jens Lehmann (University of Leipzig, Germany)